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ASA Tiles Showroom Renovation, in collaboration with Form + Fellow Design and MTS Flooring


Fortitude Valley, QLD


Form + Fellow Design and MTS Flooring


Welcome to the ASA Tiles showroom in Fortitude Valley, where design meets inspiration. Our showroom isn't just a display of tiles; it's an innovative design space open to all, where creativity knows no bounds. Step inside and immerse yourself in a world of endless opportunity.

In our showroom, we boast a stunning array of Dekton formats, each showcasing a unique blend of colour and texture. From sleek countertops to eye-catching feature walls, Dekton transforms spaces with its ability to mimic natural surfaces while offering unmatched strength and resistance to scratches, stains, and weathering. 

Our ground level flooring features the Dekton Nacre 1420x1420mm tile format that flows through into our in-house café, Caffeina. The Dekton Nacre is also installed in the 1000x2700mm dimension as a feature wall element upon our entrance. Accents of authentic brass frame floor and wall product displays. Our display table and booth table found on the ground level are custom-made from Dekton Zenith and Dekton Domoos, both in a 20mm thickness. The use of neutral shades and subtle texture creates a soft, inviting space that allows the creative process to naturally develop.

Caffeina, our in-house cafe located on Wickham St entrance showcases a stunning piece of Dekton Khalo 20mm as an external facade that lines the street frontage. Caffeina is a part of our showroom experience, and the visuals support the design choices of our space. The Dekton Nacre flows along the floor to meet the Dekton Khalo at the internal facade and commercial bench-top. Caffeina supports the features seen throughout our showroom to marry the two businesses in one space.

Moving on to the upper level where our consultation area and office space are located, the use of Dekton seamlessly flows throughout. The Dekton Bromo 3200x1400mm slab acts as a foundation to our office space and effortlessly blends into the carpeted consultation area due to the variation in the face of the format. As we step into the design space of the showroom, you are welcomed by a gorgeous custom concept table made entirely from Dekton Laurent. This is one of our favourite pieces in the space; the leathery finish and rich vein movement make for an inviting area to turn dreams into reality. The consultation area is a striking contrast of depth and enriched movement that complements the softness found when first entering the showroom