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The Springwood Project, in collaboration with Cobb and Co.


Springwood, QLD


Cobb and Co. Projects


We are very excited to share such a modern take on the ensuite bathroom! ASA Tiles have assisted Cobb and Co. with a stunning array of residential projects over the years, with one of the more recents being this Springwood project, completed just in time for the 2023 Christmas festivities. 

Creating a clear balance of energy and functionality, the ASA team has curated a material selection that supports a texture orientated design concept. Featuring our Quentin Travertino Pearl, Pavilion Gumleaf, and Cairo Tumbled Carrara, each material adds a layer of depth to the overall visual 

The Quentin Travertino Pearl brings an organic touch to a wet area with a P4 slip rating, adding a subtle movement to the foundation of a space. Paired with the aged allure of Pavilion Gumleaf, this project evokes a sense of comfortability. The Cairo Tumbled Carrara and the tumbled travertine mosaic, offers a refined texture, and serves as the perfect complement, seamlessly tying the cluster of elements together. 

The combination of these materials not only enhances the aesthetic but also reflects a thoughtful design concept that resonates with both modern sensibilities and timeless elegance. As we evolve in our homes we need our spaces to evolve with us. The Springwood Project is a collaborative effort of The Cobb and Co. and the ASA Team that stands as a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the design process. 

With impeccable attention to detail, this space inspires while creating a feel of relaxation in a functional area. The Springwood Project with Cobb and Co has delivered a truly exceptional gift to their clientele, showcasing the perfect product selection that embodies real innovation and timelessness.